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Hello world!

Monday,  January 31st 2011
it’s 11:30 AM right now and this is kind off a new experience for me, when i was at my internship i needed a stress reliever cause i obviously couldnt tell anyone but i also couldn’t vlog about it for youtube cause that wouldve been privacy stuff. i still think it’s weird though cause i’m not alloud to vlog about or write about it  cause they can literally sue  you but it’s all ok to gossip with others? why is that not forbitten? anyways this is the 1st day of my “blog” don’t know yet if i’m going to post this on the web and if i would, where the heck would i post it? maybe i can mix this with my vlogs on youtube like, everything i can obviously still talk about the stuff i just recorded for the daily vlog but is’nt that a double thing to do? now that i read this over i see that this is more of an open question thing then a “diary”kinda thing. i hope i can keep up with this cause i have so much on my mind, which is the reason i’m going to start this. at my internship where i started this over half a year ago it was the 1st thing i opened up in microsoft office cause there was so much gonig on and yet i had nothing to do but as long as they would hear my keyboard going crazy they must have thought i was very busy doing all kinds of thing for school. now my life is way more chill and it’s also very weird to do this cause it’s a new beginning and how are people gonna find me here? what do i write down? i think peole just need to role into it or something. and when do you write? as soon as you think of something do can i do it like awesome oldschool stuff like jsut writing down small notes on a notepad and later at night i work it out into some kinda story like right now. i watched a video of a youtuber called vloggerqueen17 it was prety cool and reminded me of the beginning scene of Sex And The City the movie where carry (if im right thats her name) introduces herself and her girlfriends to all new comes and who see the movie but have never seen the series but at the same time its a good reminder to all people to catch up like “remember who we are” and that you have like the flashback kinda stuff. my biggest problem is is that i keep writing i’m afraid i can write an intire book about everything i thought of and have done this morning, its friggen 11:30 and im awake since 9:30….thats 2 friggen hours. what the heck am i gonig to publish on a blog site after like A day. film is my thing, not writing like this eventhough it feels super good to write like this but im better at vlogging but hey maybe i’ll meet new people this way. i have no idea what to expect from this so i’ll keep everyone updated, i say everyone as if i have a millino followers and they wanna know everything movement i make, give me a break im not that excited though it would be nice if i had a big start. my problem with blogging is that i have ADHD and i can go on liek this for hours BUT i can’t read, well i can but for some reason the letters in front of me on the screen are gonna start dancin like after 2 minutes of reading. im not important enough to like let someone read all my BS and ALSO watch my vlog, would be friggen cool though. its 1:55 PM now and i still didnt got picked up yet, al fine by me but this isnt my fault. i just finished editing and started rendering and in the mean time i clicked on a random movie cause when i download a bunch of movies i never know which movie to pick 1st so i’ll jsut start at the top. the movie is called 88 minutes and i think i just saw Al Pacino. im 22 minutes into the movie right now and its 2:12 PM now and i have the idea that this is going to be a very very VERY interesting movie, it lasts for almost 2 hours and the only thing that can stop me from watching this is a crashing PC or someone from work that is picking me up. for some reason that last sentence that i jsut wrote reminded me of twitter, i seriously need to keep my twitter gonig now. its a lot though i mean im doing daily vlogs i tweet i dailybooth and my facebook is connected to twitter and dailybooth so no matter where i post something it always ends up on facebook. cause this is the 1st ever blog that i will post online i don’t have much experience with this so when im all hands free im writing this live but during a movie i write things down on a smll notepad like right now which is pretty funny cause now that im retyping it on the computer its very weird cause this is re-typed, anyway, i just took a dailybooth picture of my notepad thats already a little over 1 side and im only writing for like 30 min.i just found out that the security guard in the movie 88 minutes is called Defranco ( SXEphil related maybe hihi? ) now that i’ve seen his face i wonder if i actually know him from his major role in the movie Heart Of America which is like totally nowhere to be found on the interwebz which is a sad case cause it’s an amazing movie! i wonder if my dailybooth picture of my notepad will cause me any followers. i don’t really know how to do this though, is this like a twitter thing that you update every now and then or do you do it like how im doing it right now? right now  i’m just typing everything up and saving it and then at the end of the day i’ll jsut post this as 1 big story of today which probably no one will read till the end cause this actually is the perfect reflection of me, hyper and al over the place and i can’t shut up but hey for some reason people seem to be interested in whats inside my head and this stuff never makes the vlogs cause it would be me just rambling on for like 45 to 60 min into a camera…boring!! i gotta tell you the movie 88 minutes is a totall recomendation to everyone who likes mistery and thinkwork and al pacino. now im on to the second movie Art School Confidential i have no clue what to expect but there is only 1 way to find out what it’s about. 15 min into the movie and OMG what the heck is this, there is absolutely no storyline and these people can’t act though i DID recognise the fat dude from My Name Is Earl and the “gay”acting dude that i think also plays a role in the movie Employee OF The Month…omg i SO totally have to re-watch it, not really for Jessica Simpson cause i couldnt care less about the dramaqueen who acts like she doesn’t know millions masturbate to her but she does take all the benefits of it, anyways Employee of the month is such an awesome movie and OMG Dane Cook is a totall complete hottie in that movie…actually rephrase that to he’s jsut friggen hot!! also the guy he’s competing to in EOTM plays a role in this weird movie and if im right he also played a very awkward role in some kinda movie about game designers and he’s always quoting and stuff, anyway, im getting of track here…this movie is leading NO WHERE. HEY! my good friend Seymoore is in this movie, ok his real name isn’t seymoore but he plays in another movie wherehis character is caleld seymoore and i LOVE his acting, he’s also in the big lebowski and apollo 13 if im correct and he plays a part in the island and probably many more.right now im watching prison break with Yvon or as my youtube subscriptions know her best The Yvon-o-monster!! it only took me like…well…not even a day to downlaod all 4 seasons of PB cause i started yesterday night and now they are all in. i also got a specials DVD on the download now but i didn’t found that 1 till late afternoonish today so i don’t expect that 1 to play anytime before tomorrow morning. at the moment we’re at the part that T-bag finds miss hollander and michael and linc run from mahone towards kellerman ( SPOILER ALERT!!) kellerman is gonna shoot mahone and then is the brothers’s inside man to bring down the president. then we’re only a couple episodes away from the 1st episode of season 3. Yvon just laughed at me and said: wow, you can’t count! i told her i was gonna write 5 lines for this 1st blog but i only have 5 lines left now on this small piece of paper. Yvon is leaving me now to join her kids downstairs at 10:15 and im following her for a healthy snack, i just can’t stop loving white dry plain bread. i jsut finished my vlog and i just reached the 187 subs YAY!! 22 more subscribers and i’m at 200!it’s 10:33 now and i totally forgot that i haven’t edited yesterdays vlog yet but fortunately for me yesterday was crap and i didn’t film that much. ok this is ballz! i forgot to erase my day before yesterday’s footage so now i don’t know which of these clips in my “vlog” folder are yesterdays or the day before yesterdays, gonna have to re-check them all and so i have to stop watching prison break. i’m at season 2 episode 14 John Doe 06:30 min into it. im done editing already and its 11:06 LOL my PC says only 11 min for erndering after that i can start editing today already. 10 min later my clips were finally on the computer lets start editing them out into the vlog and start rendering. at this very moment of typing its 1:10 AM so its officially tuesday, i have no clue what to expect from this blogging thing but hey its a funny thing to actually write down what you think cause most of these thoughts don’t even make it into my youtube vlog cause it’s way to much. todays (well monday) vlog has 8 minutes left of rendering and it jsut might be in time to start uploading cause the day before yesterday and yesterday were almost done if i was right. i just found out that yesterday’s vlog failed uploading so lets restart that 1.ok i think im officially done with day 1 of this blog thing…i wanted to say don’t be to hard and judgemental but hey why not, this is my 1st time and im new so give me your best shot :P!Good night internet, let’s see if we can make this work and if my plan works you can even find the link to todays vlog right here below but thats only if it worked after it’s done uploading if there is nothing yet but tomorrows blog is already online i suggest you read that 1 cause it might include an explanation to why the link isnt there. if there indeed is no link but you’re still curious to my daily vlogs on youtube loOk me up StrapsChronicles! btw, check out my saterdays video then as well i’m at my BFF’s B-day party and it was friggen amazing!!  and oh yeah, tomorrow i’ll try to start a proper introduction for all the people that are new enough to not know me though i think most people who read this (if you guys come this far) know me from twitter, facebook, youtube, whatever…ok guys, write you tomorrow!!

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